Frequently Asked Questions

Vast is a Sight interface device. It consists of a (standalone) mobile application with camera eyeglasses, aimed to help visually impaired people to navigate themselves out of well known environment, to read and shop.
The cameras (either on the smartphone or on the camera eyeglasses) capture the video stream and send it to the application, where our algorithms do the video processing and then the mobile application delivers audio output to the users, according to their needs.
As cool as it might sound - NO! You can use Vast without any other peripheral devices or with any other compatible devices. Using the Vast Eyeglasses you will enjoy the ultimate experience Vast can offer!
You most definitely need a smartphone. Vast is built around the understanding that smartphones are offering more and more computing power with every next model.
The more powerful your smartphone is the better your experience with Vast is going to be. One should not underestimate the smartphone features such as: processor, battery capacity and connectivity options.
Our team is working hard to bring Vast to the market and make it the most affordable solution for a visually impaired people.
Vast will offer a wide range of payment methods so more people can take advantage of out system.
You just need to download and install the mobile application. After you do this Vast is operational and ready to help you where possible.
According to our plans, Vast will be available for downloads by the mid of 2017, with all features live by the mid 2018.
You do not need special training to use the application, given that you possess some common computer knowledge. If this is not the case, or you experience any difficulties our assistants will give you the needed information.