Discover the Vast camera glasses

Vast Camera Glasses

The Vast Camera Glasses are a valuable part of Vast SID. They provide comfort and quality video feed which ensures even better results from the system.
Our designer team has worked hard to bring a stylish and discreet vision of the glasses so they look no different than normal sunglasses yet they include technologies which provide an amazing user-experience. The glasses are light so it will not be a burden but a nice accessory to a person`s style. The camera is neatly built in the frames with only a tiny hole to the side of the glass.

It is better with Vast Camera Glasses

Although the Vast SID mobile app can work alone having the camera at eye-level is much more convenient for the user. People instinctively direct their heads toward what attracts their attention and through the camera glasses Vast will be recording exactly what interest the visually impaired person. Having the cameras on the glasses also means that the smartphone can be left in one`s pocket and have both their hands free. Utilizing the glasses the user can have the ultimate Vast experience and get the best assistance it can provide. Taking full advantage of the features the system has and enjoying life in a more open world.