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VAST is brought to you by Stackport: a cloud-based, multi-functional tech platform for robotics, video object recognition, and live video streaming. When Stackport was at its inception stage, founder Valentin ran some cool experiments with robots which used video object recognition to avoid obstacles. Several years ago, while working on different algorithms, the "Eureka!" moment came and Valentin realized that some of Stackport’s features can be successfully put together to better use - helping the visually impaired navigate in an unfamiliar environment. This is how VAST was born.


We created a new revolutionary application designed entirely to help the visually impaired. Vast is an innovative technology that makes blind people around the world a be full and independent members of society in an affordable manner. Vast is the application that serves as a guiding eye for the visually impaired and gives them the confidence and security they need. We all know that technology is moving quickly and at any time the market brings something new. With Vast we create history, we inspire hope to thousands around the world and we hope we give them the tool for independence.


At the heart of our mission is the believe that technology makes life more independent, and this is especially true for any person with disability.
Technology is fun, but it is much more than that - it changes lives. This is a cause that we strongly feel is worth fighting for. We are constantly striving to improve the tools offered by VAST that will help a blind person:

  • participate equally in the job market
  • perform daily tasks such as shopping, dining out and going places
  • function within a safer environment and routine
  • feel a vast enhancement in quality of life

Our ultimate long-term goal is to develop VAST to such a stage that it technically serves as a blind person’s eyes.