Get to know us better

Nikolay Tashev

Business development

One who only feels happy when he works to bring something new to the market. He thinks of the business, its sustainability and prosperity.

Valentin Ivanov


The mastermind behind Vast SID. Expert software developer with more than 20 years of experience. A visionary set to bring social and economic prosperity through his technologies.

Roman Dzhurov

Organisation and Legal

A very few people in the world can make everything work like a nice Swiss watch and Roman is one of them. The person who makes Vast SID’s team tick like clockwork.

Nikola Obreshkov

Оne skilled in the video processing

Where science and academia meet real technology application is where one can find Nikola. The person who can make every camera actually see as humans do.

Dimitar Petkov

Graphic and Web design

The person who makes all visual and web materials look so good. When we want to show our vision of Vast SID Dimitar is the one who makes it reality.

Kristiyana Rejmer

Industrial design

The person responsible for the tangible part of Vast SID – the camera glasses. Krisi is the person who has taken the responsibility to make them comfortable, stylish and perfectly compatible with the app requirements.

Mira Zheleva

Marketing and content

A creative person who makes our written message comprehensive. In the pool of technical and business people Mira is the one who translates” to the public in our web site, press releases and social media entries.

Stefan Stanchev

Mobile app developer

Our mobile app developer who works tirelessly to make it as useful to the visually impaired as possible. A guy fascinated by the challenge to make the app appealing to the users with sight problems.

Ivaylo Ushev

Software developer

Vast SID to a large extent is a software product and accordingly our software developer is incremental to that. The man who knows no impossible task. Linkedin